Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered here, please send a message, or contact Justin directly on (+44) (0)7805 648935.

Alternatively, send an email to [javascript protected email address].

About Us is a service that allows you have a website that you can update 24-7. We'll get the pages up and running, and you can change the text and pictures. It's perfect for societies, clubs and organisations.

You don't need to pay a large upfront web-design fee followed by expensive maintenance charges.

Instead, MySociety provides a service. Through our system, we will provide you with a website that you can edit without knowing HTML.

You tell us what pages you need, and we'll set up the basic site. You can then add text and images to your heart's content!

There's lots of flexibility! You can have a 'home page', news pages, upcoming events, a blog, contact form, 'find us' and much more.

To help your imagination, head to two example sites: Marlott Horticultural Society and Marlott Culture Society.

MySociety websites are ideal for clubs, societies and organisations. You can put your news on the site, and have information on upcoming events, trips, speakers and lots more.

Take a look at two example websites: Marlott Horticultural Society and Marlott Culture Society.

No. This is all managed online. You can everything from computer, an iPad or even your telephone.

Yes. If you have a domain name (e.g. you can connect it to our system.

We can manage your domain for you, if you prefer.

It's included in the price! You're paying just £10 a month for the website and hosting.

Yes - we can forward any email to a designated email address. For example, you can have We'll then forward anything sent to that email address to you. [For example, we can send it onto your Gmail or Hotmail email address.]

Updating Your Site

Yes - you change the text or images 24 x 7. You don't need to contact us or pay any extra!

The administrator has a password to make updates. The text editor is very easy - you don't need to be a technical genius to use it!

If you're able to send email, or perhaps write a letter in Word, then you have all the skills you need!

Contact us, and we'll set you up with a 30-day trial. There's no risk or money up-front!

No. It's all done through your browser! (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox will all work well.)

Yes. If you'd like us to make updates, we can do so for a nominal fee.

Yes. You can upload PDF - such as a membership form or a monthly newsletter onto your site. Your users can then click on a link to download the form.


An event is anything with a date - such as a trip, a guest speaker, an AGM. Anything! You can add an event and the system will display them in chronological order.

After an event has finished, the event will be moved automatically to 'past events'. You won't have to make the change yourself.

Yes! Your users can easily download forms for your events.

No. But it's available if you ever need it!


Yes - we can set that up for you.

Have a look at our example sites to see a blog in action.


Sign up for a 30-day free trial! Tell us briefly which pages you need. We will then set up a test site for you to evaluate.

It's just £10 a month - including hosting, a security certificate and more. For more information on what's included, check out this page.

If you'd like us to manage your domain name, we can do that. Domain names are typically £12 to £15 per year.

Pretty much everything!

  • Access to Editing Pages 24 x 7
  • Hosting of your Site
  • Support for your Domain Name
  • Email Forwarding
  • Adding Upcoming Events
  • Space to upload PDF documents
  • Blog Option
  • Telephone & Email Support
  • 30-Day Free Trial

The registration fee for your domain name is extra. For common domain names ( / / etc.) it's typically £12 to £15 per year.

If you already have an existing domain name you'd like to use, that's fine. The domain name is always your property - not ours.

If you don't have a domain name, we can register one for you and manage it.

Yes! Follow this link to head to our contact page. We offer friendly, UK-based support.

Do you have more questions? You can send a message, or contact Justin directly on (+44) (0)7805 648935. Alternatively, send an email to [javascript protected email address] .